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Departments and Units
Academic Departments and Units
Agriculture Production

The Department was established in 2015 as Department of General Agriculture (GAT). It was renamed Department of Agriculture and Production (APT) following a Ministry of Agriculture curriculum review in 2019. The Department is actively involved in teaching, research, outreach and production.

Animal Health and Production

The department was established in 2019 soon after the Institute granted with full Accreditation by NACTIVET. The activities of the Department are guided by its vision to be an Institute of choice in training and preparation of quality agricultural and livestock technicians; and its mission quality training and technical personnel training, research, service delivery expertise, exchange programs with national and foreign colleges, resourcefulness and innovative problem solving for sustainable agricultural development and livelihood security of farming and livestock communities.


The section has the following units

    1. Cattle Unit
    2. Piggery
    3. Goat Unit
    4. Poultry Unit
    5. Rabbit Unit.
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